Design in Dubai : Are You Planning To Visit Dubai?

For many people traveling to Dubai either for holiday or business, the expectations are pitch high. From the lovely skyscrapers’ front line to numerous business opportunities, Dubai is the paradise for all. The following are most crucial things you should know when traveling to Dubai.  

About 92% of Dubai population is made of expatriates 

The booming business economy has attracted a lot of companies that send expatriates to work in their companies. Only 8% of the people have resident passports.

Besides, the median age of people in Dubai is 27 years. This means that most of the companies that run in Dubai, blossoming hotel industry, and beach clubs are operated by millennial.

In Dubai, you should only expect hot climate 

Located in the heart of the Arabian Desert, Dubai has known nothing else apart from a hot climate. Most of the days are very hot while rains only fall a few days every year. In winter the temperatures are still high, about 77 degrees F while summers average 113 degrees F.  These conditions have made it a perfect holiday destination for visitors the entire year.

Anything you need can be delivered at the doorstep 

In a unique interaction of technology and culture, Dubai is the only place that people value their traditions and embrace tech advancement at all times.

Because of this unique connection, a lot of companies have come to Dubai to sell their merchandise. Whether you want fashion products, car spares, or fitness services, they can be delivered at your doorsteps.

The week starts on Sunday in reality 

While you are in doubt used to weekends from Friday evening to Sunday evening, it is different in Dubai. The working days start on Sunday and run through to Thursday. This means that weekends start on Thursday evening and run through to Saturday evening.  Well, be prepared for it is the order of the day.