Five Secrets to Help Keep Your Kids Stay Fit

Over the last five decades, the rate of childhood obesity and overweight has more than tripled. It is estimated that in every 5 school-aged kids, between 6 and 19 years are obese or overweight.

Just like it has become an uphill task to address the issue, helping kids who do not even understand the issue at hand is even more difficult and complex. The following are five essential secrets to help kids stay safe.

Ensure to keep an eye on them all the time 

The main cause of putting up weight is high uptake of a lot of calories that make the body convert the excess to fat. Because kids do not appreciate the danger that comes with sugary foods, it is important to keep an eye on what they eat. Make sure they take most of the meals at home where you can prepare highly nutritious meals.

Make exercising fun for the kid 

It is not uncommon to find kids preferring computer games and watching television as opposed to going out exercising. It is important to make the exercises as interesting as possible.

For example, you can involve the whole family, invite friends, or buy special play items. You can learn more fun activities and how to engage the kid at

Attach incentives to games and play 

For kids, getting them out is the best strategy. Though many might not have a problem playing for more hours, you need to attach incentives.

Make sure to understand what the kid prefers and ask them to make an effort to get it. For example, if your kid loves going to Disneyworld, ask them to do some exercises daily.